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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The universe.

Yes it is a very large thing, and a very difficult thing to imagine. But perhaps an even harder idea to imagine than infinity is the idea of nothing. What is nothing and what does it look like? What did this space we live in now look like before the universe began? The Big Bang is a popular explanation for the beginning of the universe, and it is thought that the universe started off as a tiny bit of something (I don't know if you could call it "matter") trillions of times smaller than a proton and exploded due to some sort of fluctuation to do with matter and antimatter. Or so I have read. And I am rightfully skeptical even though scientists claim it is possible to look back to a few fractions of a second before the universe began. So anyway, we have this little bit of something, that is to be an infinite universe one day, and it is surrounded by nothing. And here it gets tricky. How can nothing "surround" something? It can't, because there is nothing there to do the surrounding. So we imagine this potential universe simply floating.
Now, if it were floating in nothing, which indeed it was, the scale of this potential universe would be infinite.
Let my explain my theory. If you were a tiny particle living in this potential universe, and at the edge of your universe was nothing, you could never, ever get out of the universe into the nothing, because you can't be in nothing. And so you would keep going forever, going all around the universe and bouncing off the edges without realising and simply carrying on with your mission. It would be like being a fly in a jar, and bouncing off the glass without realising, and still continuously heading for the world outside the glass. This is what I link to idea of the universe "bending", but in a more complex sense.
This could also mean that there could have been life in this potential universe, just on an extremely small scale, sextillionths of the size of us. And consider this, maybe our universe now is another potential universe, and it is about to explode larger still into the nothingness at its current edges, and on it will live beings sextillions of times bigger than us...
A never ending cycle.


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