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Saturday, May 15, 2010

No one will ever find my blog HERE

It seems strange to think that the internet can make or break. It appears to me that publicity generally has an adverse affect (but I may be being rash). Take Justin Bieber. A couple of videos on YouTube, and he goes from someone who could easily have been someone like my younger brother to a teenage pop sensation with thousands, nay, millions, of screaming, screeching, squirming fans. If my near-16-year-old brother is anything to go by, Justin is probably only about 10% of the way through the maturing process. It seems unusual that a brain surgeon can go for the large part relatively unnoticed by the general public, while a 16-year-old kid can belt out a few in-tune notes and never have to work another day in his life. (I know that is an unfair judgement, however it does seem like that's the way things work on Planet Earth).
On the other hand, Eminem is too right in saying "Everybody wants you... Who could really blame you...
We're the ones who made you". And I should feel quite ashamed of myself if I stooped low enough to take Justin's hat. The way we behave around celebrities is unreal. It reminds me of a sort of variant of Sir William Golding's perception of human behaviour in groups -- like a frenzied pack of savages hungry for fresh meat. It's as though the desire for self-fulfillment can only be quenched by pinching a pint-sized celebrity and thus claiming some sort of weird achievement.
I find myself suddenly realising the extent of my hypocrisy in creating this blog, as the whole point of these things is to gain readers/followers... And so, perhaps, I should concentrate less on criticising Justin Bieber and wish him good luck with the hope that karma will see that I shall have some of it too.

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